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Solara4 PV 220 MWp - Alcoutim, Portugal

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PV 200 MWp Mimbu, Myanmar

Shaping tomorrow, Today.

PV 5.4 MWp Montemor-o-Velho (Portugal)

PV 5 MWp - Mira (Portugal)

PV 6 MWp Aveiro (Portugal)

Who we are

Welcome to FOeng!

We are a solid group of companies that is based on fundamental values such as competence, originality, risk, and innovation.

FOeng was founded in 2007 and was initially aimed to developing Civil Engineering and Architecture Services, intending to provide a service that stood out from other companies in the same area, through innovation and optimization in construction, quality and functionality control of the final product design and client satisfaction.

The company core is composed by engineers who, over the years, have obtained experience through the collaboration with other engineering/architecture offices, construction companies and universities. The construction/structural optimization led FOeng to create a supervision department, guaranteeing our clients a technical and financial advisement of the designed and optimized construction work, thus ensuring that the final product, executed by others, corresponds to the initial expectations, without any deviation, satisfying our clients.

In 2009, due to the growth of the health and safety sector in construction and energy efficiency in buildings, FOeng embraced these two emerging areas by providing technical knowledge/experience to our employees, in order to perform their essential functions, allowing FOeng to do Building Energy Certification and Work Health & Safety Management.

Answering the challenges proposed by some clients, in 2010, FOeng created its construction department and in 2013 created the Renewable Energy Department, ensuring a full product supply to our clients, allowing a better monitorization in all process stages. Through FOeng life, embracing international markets was a necessity of our clients, having concluded successfully projects in countries like Angola, Norway, Timor, Myanmar, Brazil, Spain, Cote Ivoire, etc.

"We aim to take small but solid and sustainable steps."

Francisco Oliveira

CEO, FOeng Group


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We help you build your future.